Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blacks' for Sale

This is my pair of Black OEGB's. I am trying to sell this pair, if you are interested in these, you can e-mail me at []. I will only sell them as a pair and they are $60.

Silver Duckwing

I know that it's been a little while since I have gotten him, but I finally decided to get crackin' and get him up on here. So, I got him last August and he is doing just fine now. He won Best Variety at the Box Elder County Fair. At this point, I am looking to buy a hen for him, so that I may keep him in the line.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Jackson Hinck

Name: Jackson Hinck
Hour: 1st
Age: 15
City: Tremonton, Utah
Favorite Candy Bar: 3 Musketeers
Dream Vacation: Alaskan Fishing Trip

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Silver Duckwing

Well, for my birthday yesterday, I went down to Salt Lake and I picked up a Silver Duck Wing for the county fair this year. He is a really good looking bird, and I can't wait to see how he does at the fair! I will try to get some pictures of him as soon as I can! Also, I used to have a pair of Rhode Island Reds S.C., but I have gotten rid of them to make some more room for the breed that I truly love and enjoy.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ginger Reds, No More

At the recent show I attened I was able to see some of the other breeds of Old English that I liked more than my Ginger Reds. So I decided that I should get rid of the Ginger Reds and get a different variety, one that I like more than the Ginger Reds. I was able to post the trio up for sale at the show. They sold much quicker than I had even hoped! I had only had them posted for about 30 minutes when a competitor, Dusty Dansie, asked me if he could buy them. I was way excited to be able to sell them. Now hopefully I can get some more Black Old English. They are probably my 2nd favorite variety, next to my Creles!

Friday, May 08, 2009

My Recent Show

I was able to attend a recent show in March of 2009. I had a great time! And my birds didn't do too shabby either! My Crele pullet took Reserve Old English out of all of the Juniors at the show. It was so amazing to win at my first ever show down there. I got a lot of, "Congratulations," and "Great jobs!" from my competitor showmen. This Crele pullet went from my least favorite chicken to one of my top two! I had no idea she would do so well! But, unfortunately my other birds didn't do as well as I had hoped. My Crele Cockerel was docked because, he had too much fan in his tail. When you look at a cockerel or cock you do not want to see any space in between the tail when they fan out. Hopefully when he comes out of his moult he won't have so much fan and maybe he will show better. My dad's Blue Reds beat all of the other Blue Reds at the show. Which wasn't very many, but because it was there first show they didn't act as cocky as we had hoped. My sister, Katey, took her pair of Splash Silkies down to the show also. She and I did awesome for only our first show, because her Silkie pullet took Reserve Feather Leg out of all the Juniors at the show! And her Silkie cockerel took Best of Variety. It was an amazing show for the two of us and we had a ton of fun!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Chickens

We had a new arrival this morning! We bid on some Blue Red Old English Game Bantams on and won the bid. They were shipped to us from S.C. They are some really good looking birds. I will try to put up some pics of the pair in a couple of days. Be sure to look for when I will get those pics posted!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What A Christmas Surprise

WOW! Is exactly what I have been saying ever time I see him. This bird I think is the best Bantam Rooster I have EVER seen! This was my major Christmas present....And I'm glad! He is definitely my favorite chicken. And will be until he dies! His name is El Diablo. It is very fitting, because he is very cocky! Try to catch him and he goes to town on whatever you're trying to catch him with. But, the hen is nothing like the rooster, she is small and cute I and I like her also (but not as much as I like the rooster) ! They will make some really nice chicks! They compliment each other so well. He is big, cocky, and mean. She is small, nice, and delicate. I Just Love These Birds!

Unfortunate Story

An Unfortunate mishap has left me with NO Blacks! I have no idea how my Black Rooster Died. He was fine the night before and then the next morning....he was dead!! I think the hen died, because she got to cold. She wasn't in the best of shape either. So now I'm trying to look everywhere to get me some Blacks, or I can't show any this year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


These pics were taken in November of '08. This Rooster isn't the same Rooster I had in August. There was a little mishap with the dog and my old Black Rooster. I was really sad, also spittin' mad, but I did get another Black Rooster and he looks just as good or better. He isn't as mean though. And this one is my favorite bird of all! My Hen doesn't look very good, because she is in the moult right now and also I don't know if she'll make it through the winter. We'll have to see huh?

Ginger Reds

These pics were taken in November of '08. My Rooster doesn't look his best, because he has just started to moult. At least he'll be ready for the spring show. My Hens have also started to moult. You can't really see any body feathers missing, but they are both really loosing a lot of neck feathers. There is an upside to it though. At least they'll be ready for the spring show I am taking them to!

New Pics

Sorry to have kept you all waiting for some update on my blog. It's been a little hard to get some new pictures with these crutches, but I did get them off. So I finally got my butt outside and have taken some pictures of my chickens! Also, all of my new pics were taken in November of '08. I'll try to keep up on my blog updates!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pheasant Hunting

On October 25th I went to Paradise to a hunting club to go pheasant hunting. I couldn't decide wether I should go or not but, I finally decided to go hunting, and I am glad I did! Me and my dad woke up early and drove to Phil's house. Then Cody, Carson, Phil, my dad, and I loaded into the truck to head to Paradise we got there and we started hunting right away. We saw 7 birds, all roosters, but, we only got 6 of the ones we saw. I shot 2 of the 6 and had a lot of fun. Next time I wont be hesitant about not going.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Ginger Red Old English Trio

These pictures were also taken in August 2008. They were shown as a trio at the BE County Fair. They did better than I hoped and received Reserve Champion Bantam Trio. I must have had 4 or 5 people try to purchase them from me that weekend. Nothing doing - me likes them too much. I used all my birthday money to purchase them in July.

Utah Fancy Poultry Assoc. Fall Show

Last weekend I attended the Utah Fancy Poultry Association's fall show. There were some great birds on display. The Champion Old English was a Crele shown by Kevin Christensen. It was an amazing bird. I would love to expand my collection in the spring to include Crele's. My cousin Bailey picked up a Rosecomb trio and my little sister Kate found a pair of Blue Splash Silkie's to bring home. They are very high quality silkies from Sassy Silkies.